How We Might Work With Your Company

Create Awareness –Work with your organization to reveal your performance potential through education in best practices.

Assess Education Needs –Help your organization discover and understand the gap between current performance and best practices.

Train and Implement –Partner with your team to implement improvements through consulting and on-the-job training.

Measure Results – Increased performance is bench-marked by “action indicators” to achieve targeted results.

Raise the Bar –A higher level assessment is then performed to set new targets for the organization and keep going.

Type of Needs :

  1. Cyclic or Closed Loop operation where after discussion goal will be fixed and we will adopt the basic principal of P-D-C-A cycle to achieved the goal in specified period of time. In this case accordingly service contract document will be prepared.
  2. Non-Cyclic operation where one time service is required in this case accordingly service contract will be prepared.

Our General Mode of Operational Steps

  1. Upon inquiry received
  2. Collection of some related information from customer by sending questionnaire document through email.
  3. Fixing date of presentation at customer’s site.
  4. Understanding complete and specific need of customer and accordingly prepared a scope of service work.
  5. Sending a Techno-Commercial formal offer to customer.
  6. Acknowledgment of work order.
  7. Implementation of scope of work.
  8. Sending a complete report and invoice.