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A Systems Approach to Science of Mind
We have capacity to succeed but most of us only use a very small portion of brain. In an age when creativity and time are the key commodities, learning to use the brain is the skill. Only we can learn faster and more effectively we will be able to thrive.
What is Stress?
Stress is anything that causes fear, anxiety, worry, apprehensions, anger and even excitement when we face difficult situations in daily life, whether mental or emotional. Continuous efforts to cope with such situations have adverse effects on human systems for want of relief from mental and emotional strains and it leads to diseases. According to Research data has come to the conclusion that 90-95% of the illnesses can be blamed totally or mainly on psychological forces, 98% headaches are stress or pressure-related, a vast majority of indigestions are due to stress etc..
There are various powerful tools to transform your stress or fear into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration.
Training Method and Tools :-
Understanding fusion of science and spirituality and their effectiveness on Human systems. We will use a Power point presentation , video films, Handout inventory etc.
Benefits to you :-
# You will be recharge and resonated with positive energy.
# Able to control your nasty temper.
# Able to find difference between conscious and Subconscious state of mind
# Able to motivate in creative and in brainstorming work.
# Help you to be more effective and productive at workplace and in personal life.
# Develop tremendous power of suggestion.
# Able to manage be free from stress hence improvement in health.
If you are interested to know further more detail regarding conducting of presentation at your place of work then kindly contact us without hesitation because it is free of cost and without any obligation.