Indian Society for Plant Maintenance Professional

We all know that one of the best ways to learn something is by someone else's work, knowledge and experience.
Welcome to The forums do require registration to make sure SPAMMERS do not get access. They also include advanced features that allow you to track any and all discussions via email (just like the old email lists). We encourage you to visit often and please do not be hesitant to ask any questions. There are so many of people registered that have already faced the same issues you are. Beginners and old timers alike will benefit from this community. Speaking of community - please use community standards of respect and civil language. Debate is fine and diverse views are encouraged.
Please do not hesitate to post a question, no matter how basic you might feel it is. If we all had the basics completely covered, we would all have better reliability. It is a continuous process of learning.
People have gathered in communities since the beginning of mankind because there is tremendous benefit in combining the collective knowledge and experience of a group. Please join this group and add your voice to the discussion as we all make the journey toward improved maintenance and reliability together.
You can register to join the forum discussion so you can post, read and/or respond to messages. New Discussion Boards include: * Maintenance and Reliability * Root Cause Analysis * Condition Monitoring * Vibration Analysis * Infrared Thermography * Oil Analysis * Motor Testing * Ultrasound * Lubrication